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Musculoskeletal Disorders and Conditions

Regenerative medicine is used to heal bone, muscle, joint, tendon, and ligament injuries using your own platelets and stem cells. Since these procedures are typically not covered by insurance, regenerative medicine may be considered after all other treatments have failed, such as exercise rehabilitation, anti-inflammatory medication, and even surgery.

The benefits of regenerative therapy are extensive. By speeding up the healing process, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and cellular therapy can decrease pain and improve function within weeks, with little to no downtime. In addition, regenerative procedures are sometimes used in conjunction with surgery to reduce downtime, especially for athletes.

Regenerative medicine is most commonly used to treat musculoskeletal conditions including:

  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis
  • Sprains and strains
  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer's elbow
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Back and neck pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis and tears
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Knee ligament injuries
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Facet joint syndrome
  • And much more

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