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How Primary Care Can Improve Your Access to Quality Healthcare

Primary care practices are offices and centers that help provide disease prevention, health maintenance, counseling, patient education, and diagnosis and treatment of illnesses. Essentially, these are the physicians and facilities you would visit when you’re ready for a check-up, have a cold or flu, or have some vague health concerns.

How a Primary Care Doctor Can Save You

Primary care physicians are multidisciplinary with insight and connections to the medical world, and they have years of schooling and training to provide much better information – and more individualized care – than the generalized information found on the internet or from another untrained source.

Let’s say you are experiencing heartburn, along with pain in your abdomen and chest. You may look up your symptoms online and decide to go straight to a specialist, and you see a gastroenterologist – a doctor who focuses on the digestive system and its disorders.

You take time to do your research, find a suitable specialist near you, make an appointment, get to the new doctor’s office, fill out all the new patient forms, see the doctor, and the doctor says you simply have acid reflux. You’re given a prescription, and it’s suggested that you avoid coffee and other acidic foods and beverages.

While there’s a relief your symptoms are not serious, you realize you’ve cost yourself time, money and anxiety for something your primary care doctor could have treated simply, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Especially because of the internet, this type of thing happens more often than people realize. While the access to a wide selection of healthcare specialists is wonderful, many people overlook their primary care provider when deciding to deal with new or seemingly atypical health concerns. However, there’s great value you can get from consulting with your primary care physician first.

Create a Partnership With Your Primary Care Physician<

Your primary care specialist or facility can be of service to you for your entire lifetime. If you’re consistent with getting regular checkups, they should be seeing you at least once a year. They will be most familiar with your medical history and your family medical history, so they are best suited to determine the appropriate diagnosis and treatment for you if and when you fall ill.

If you believe that a specialized physician is necessary, you’ll find that creating a partnership with your primary care doctor first is in your best interest because:

  1. They can assist you in finding the best possible specialist for your needs and medical history.
  2. You’ll be referred to someone your primary care doctor recommends and trusts.
  3. You’ll save time, energy, and money (in comparison to researching and visiting one based on your own judgment).

Find a Skilled Primary Care Physician

When you need specialized health care, your primary care doctor will assist you in finding the best healthcare suitable for your personal needs, medical history, and concerns. We have excellent primary care physicians on our staff here at Lynx Healthcare.

At Lynx Healthcare, your health is our mission. Make an appointment with one of our doctors to get started on a total health regimen that’s personal and professional. To make an appointment at our offices in the Tri-Cities, Walla Walla, Oregon, Yakima, or Goldendale Pain Clinics, call (509) 591-0070. To make an appointment at our Spokane location, call (509) 321-4575.

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