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How Can a Pain Management Doctor Help You?

Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong and it needs your attention. However, there are many people who have chronic pain caused by trauma or an underlying health condition, and this requires treatment by a pain management doctor.

Interventional pain medicine specialists can help you get back to feeling better by managing your pain through a variety of minimally invasive techniques. These can include pain-relief injections and spinal cord stimulation.

There are certain chronic conditions like arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and chronic back pain that can all be alleviated by a pain management physician. If you are suffering from acute pain while recovering from surgery, the surgeon who performed the operation may refer you to a pain management doctor to help you quell the pain without becoming addicted to pain medication.

Conditions Pain Management Doctors Treat

These physicians are specially trained to pinpoint the cause of your pain and treat the cause, and thereby reduce or eliminate your pain. The reasons can be nerve pain from the spine, muscle pain due to overuse or trauma, or joint pain due to arthritis or sports injury.

Whether it is acute pain or chronic pain, pain management doctors may also prescribe physical therapy and explain many other techniques to help you feel better. Occupational therapy may be necessary to help you get back to work, especially if you are recovering from an injury.

Interventional Approaches to Pain Management

Interventional pain medicine involves minimally invasive treatments by a doctor. It is an area of medicine that stands between traditional medication and surgery.

These interventional measures include:

Treating Cancer Pain

When a person undergoes treatment for cancer, they may be referred to a pain management doctor to help subdue any physical pain they are feeling. Cancer can cause chronic pain, so an interventional approach can be very helpful.

Even after remission is achieved, cancer pain can linger because nerves can become “trained” to feel and broadcast pain signals to the brain. Approximately 40% of cancer patients report chronic pain, so a pain specialist can provide significant relief by targeting the treatment. 

Pain Management Physicians in Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico

If you have pain that has lasted longer than several weeks, or if you have chronic pain from trauma or a disease such as arthritis, contact our friendly medical staff at Lynx Healthcare. Our experienced team of dedicated physicians, nurse practitioners, addiction counselors, and psychologists are here to help you get past the pain or health issue you may have.

Our interventional pain management doctors can diagnose the cause of your pain and provide proper treatment that will provide ongoing relief. You do not have to live with constant pain.

Lynx has convenient offices in Washington State and now also in New Mexico. Contact us today to schedule a consultation by calling (509) 591-0070 or request an appointment online, and let our medical experts help you feel much better very soon.

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