Massage Therapy for Pain Management

Massage Therapy for Pain Management

by Crystal (SU)

Pain can have a debilitating effect on the quality of your life by preventing you from doing the things you love. Unfortunately, medications are not always enough to eliminate pain.


This is where complementary therapies, such as massage therapy, can save the day.


Complementary therapies are treatment options that can help reduce or eliminate pain (among other symptoms) when used along with traditional medical treatment. One of the most common pain management treatments that is effective in reducing pain is massage therapy.


What Is Massage Therapy?


Massage therapy involves manipulating the soft tissues in the body through pressure and movements to treat a wide range of medical issues. The body’s soft tissues include skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons.


These tissues sit on top of and around our bones and organs, and can cause unwanted symptoms like pain when things go wrong. By manipulating these tissues using fingers, hands, elbows, and tools, massage therapy can help reduce or eliminate the symptoms.


One of the most common things massage therapy treats is pain. A lot of individuals suffering from pain use this type of therapy in addition to traditional medical treatments, such as medication and/or surgery, to help reduce pain symptoms more effectively.


What Kind of Pain Can Massage Therapy Help With?


There are a variety of conditions that can cause pain. Massage therapy can help reduce pain associated with these conditions very effectively:


Back Pain


Back pain can occur due to injury, overuse, or normal degeneration due to aging. Massage therapy helps relax the muscles and other soft tissues in the back to help relieve pain.




Migraines and tension headaches are often connected to tension in the body. Massage therapy can relax the body and help reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches.




Because there is no cure for arthritis, patients with this condition must use pain management techniques to help alleviate their symptoms. Massage therapy can help to reduce arthritis pain by relaxing the soft tissues around the hurting joints.


Pain After Surgery or Injury


After a car accident or surgery, it’s common for people to experience pain and aches. Massage therapy can be useful in reducing pain and stiffness in muscles where tension is being held.


In addition to relaxing muscles, tendons, and joints, massage therapy can relieve stress and stimulate nerves in the area responsible for transmitting messages to the brain.


Types of Massages


There are a variety of massage therapies available. Talk to your pain doctor about which type of massage therapy is right for you.


Popular types of massage that are frequently used for pain management include the following:


Swedish Massage


This type of therapy involves five basic stroke techniques to provide muscle relaxation all over the body. It is particularly effective for individuals recovering from injuries.


Hot Stone Therapy


This massage involves relaxing and loosening tight muscles by using warm stones. The warmth and slight pressure help to relieve muscle tension in the back, face, hands, belly, and feet.


Deep Tissue Massage


Deep tissue massages involve massaging deeper layers of soft tissue in the body. It’s more intense than other massage therapies because more force is involved. This type of massage therapy is great for chronic pain or pain caused by injuries.




This Japanese massage form involves targeting acupressure points in the body to improve energy flows. The rhythmic sequence used in this type of therapy can help treat a variety of health conditions in addition to pain management, including digestive problems, insomnia, and sinus problems.


Massage Therapy in Washington and Oregon

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