Quality Improvement

Quality improvement can take on many forms, and at Lynx Healthcare we strive to use the best resources and methods available. Quality improvement is a data driven process, and in some ways it can also be about process management. We all know healthcare is very complex, since it is made up of thousands of interlinked processes. At Lynx we focus on each process of care and work to measure it, understand the data behind it, and then fine tune it. By creating an infrastructure of finely tuned processes, we enable our physicians, clinicians, and front-line staff, who are highly educated, intelligent, and extremely committed, to spend their valuable time providing the highest quality care. Our efficiency in doing this depends on economies of scale and repeatability, which is why we have everyone following the same evidence-based procedures, protocols, and processes. This is how we achieve higher quality outcomes. Additionally, many of our improvements are based on industry “best practice” or on standards set by regulators or accrediting organizations.