Mission / Vision / Values

The Lynx Healthcare Mission.

Our mission is: To provide a full spectrum of high quality, wellness oriented health care in an innovative, affordable, and customer service oriented environment.

The Lynx Healthcare Vision.

Vision: To change the very world and essence of healthcare as we know it.

  • We want to dramatically enhance how it is provided, and how to afford it
  • We will challenge the standard and drive positive change through research & continually improving initiatives.

The Lynx Healthcare Values:

    • Strive to humbly lead and serve our patients with the highest level of care.
    • Show humility in our failures and successes.
    • You are better than no one, and no one is better than you.
    • We show respect to every employee and patient.
    • We show the highest respect by offering the best of ourselves.
  • Take EMOTION out of our decision making processes.
    • Use logic, data, and facts to drive optimal decisions.  We will relentlessly seek solutions while staying within the bounds of regulations and safety.
  • SOLVE the root of the problem
    • Take the time to teach, collaborate, and communicate rather than doing someone else’s work
    • Don’t enable dysfunction with more dysfunction
    • We strive to resolve our patient’s pain points with long term solutions rather than short term fixes
    • Positive environment that encourages collaborative, creative, and quality work.
    • We will communicate to the levels needed to become a high performing team.
    • We will not cease in the pursuit of becoming high performing teams.
    • We are committed to continually learning to benefit our patients, company, families, and ourselves.
    • We will foster an environment of learning and education.
  • Meaningful PURPOSE
    • Every employee is responsible for knowing the goals of the company.
    • We challenge ourselves, others and our patients to become better.
    • Pushing the standards of healthcare forward with improved patient care and results.
    • We are willing to overcome fear to do what is right and best for patients and the company.
    • “Anything that gives light must endure burning.”
    • No matter how difficult, we will do whatever it takes to create the best outcomes while staying within the bounds of regulation, policy, and written procedure.
    • We will maintain an unwavering commitment to high performance in difficult conditions and the discomfort of holding back in good conditions.
    • Maintain self-control and self-discipline even in out-of-control environments.