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Every Wednesday morning you will find Lynx Healthcare on Wake Up Northwest NBC. Lynx Healthcare is pleased to provide this exclusive segment of Wake Up Your Health on this top rated morning news show! A Lynx Healthcare Professional will cover important health related topics that are relevant to you the viewer. Tune in every Wednesday morning before you head out to work or click here and visit our video library to catch up on any broadcasts you may have missed!

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Welcome New Providers

Lynx Healthcare is excited to keep welcoming new providers to our team! As we continue to expand, we are committed to providing you the best possible healthcare and in a timely manner. 

Just in time for Allergy season we want to welcome Dr. Cassandra Mahan-Richards, MD and her 25+ years of experience as an Allergist to the team. 

We also now have Addiction Medicine and are pleased to have Dr. John Murphy, who has spent the last 17 years specializing in Addiction Medicine, start up that program for us. In one of our new Spokane locations we want to welcome Michele Herring, NP and Leslie Dickerson, NP who are joining us there as Pain Management Specialists.  


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Lynx Healthcare is an Accredited Facility of OA Centers of America


If you’ve been living with debilitating pain in your knee and other joints, we have good news. Surgery isn’t your only option. Our proven NON-SURGICAL approach to osteoarthritis relieves pain, promotes healing, and increases mobility. This safe, successful program combines rehabilitation with FDA approved medical treatments that reduce pain and inflammation.

Thousands of patients have experienced excellent results without the time, expense, complications, and exhausting recovery of joint replacement surgery. See how our medical teams can help you relieve your pain and reclaim your life. Call and schedule a consultation today. Click to visit our treatment page to see more info about this procedure and others that are available.

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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative techniques are shaping the future of pain medicine, and our providers are leading the way in the Pacific Northwest. Therapies such as PRP and cellular therapy stimulate your body’s own natural healing mechanisms to effectively treat arthritis and other painful musculoskeletal conditions.

Lynx recently sent some of its team to a couple major events to learn more from top researchers, scientists, and physicians from all over the world on this topic. The World Congress of Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell in China as well the World Stem Cell Summit in Florida were exciting meetings with lots of new things coming your way!

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Saving Private Practice...
Physicians Joining Our MSO

Lynx Healthcare has witnessed firsthand what happens when health systems and/or hospitals buy up private practice physicians and start controlling a market. Before long finding an independent, privately owned clinic will be hard to come by. Learn more about our MSO model and how your practice can join and benefit. Together we can save private practice!

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Lynx has grown to have health centers providing the highest quality care throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, Goldendale, Newport, & Spokane covering a wide variety of specialties including: Interventional Pain Management ChronicPain, Chiropractic , Physiatry , Psychiatry , Rheumatology , OpioidTherapyManagement, Addiction Medicine , Regenerative Medicine TissueBankStorage, PhysicalTherapy,